Roma Cafe

Detroit's Oldest Italian Restaurant

Historic Roma Café Closes After 127 Years

July 14, 2017

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, July 14, 2017 — Detroit’s oldest restaurant, Roma Café, announced it will be permanently closing after 127 years of continuous service. This Detroit institution, at 3401 Riopelle St., officially shut its doors July 12, 2017.

Owner Janet Sossi Belcoure said her retirement and the sale of the restaurant had been discussed for some time, especially after the death of her father and previous owner Hector Sossi in January 2016. Unfortunately, Belcoure said it became clear that finding a buyer for the restaurant would not be possible.

“I never wanted to close Roma,” Belcoure said. “It turned out that selling the business was not possible, while my retirement became more and more inevitable. I want to thank all the incredible people over the years who helped create so many wonderful memories at Roma. I am looking forward to many more great memories with friends and family, including all those who came into our lives through the restaurant.”